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Dr. Joey Kramer


Dr. Joey Kramer is a proud native Texan. He was born and raised in Coppell, TX where he graduated from Jesuit College Prep in 2004. While at Jesuit, he was a three sport varsity athlete in football, wrestling and track, winning the MVP for Track and Field his junior and senior year.

Upon graduating from Jesuit College Prep, he attended Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, TX, where he graduated cum laude with BA in History and and minor in Spanish, while also competing as a NCAA Division 1 thrower in Conference USA and the Mountain West Conference for the TCU Track and Field team. He also was an active participant in phi alpha theta, the history honors society.

Following graduation from TCU, he continued his active lifestyle by competing as an olympic weightlifter while working in the corporate world in fields such as supply chain and project management in the steel and construction industry. It was in the years following graduation from TCU that he realized that his true passion was the human body, more specifically the nervous system, and the amazing role it played in keeping human beings healthy.

Five years after graduating from TCU, his wife and he went through a discernment process to figure out how they could pursue their lifelong dream of having an impact of empowering the Dallas community in the decisions they make regarding their health and wellbeing. Given that they were starting their family in Dallas, TX, they chose to send him to Parker University in Dallas, TX, where he graduated cum laude with his Doctor of Chiropractic Degree in December 2015.

While at Parker, Dr Kramer received several accolades including over 200 hours of specialized training in Knee Chest Upper Cervical Technique through the Art of the Specific Training program as well as the Jim Parker Philosophy award. Dr. Kramer is a published author in The Academy of Chiropractic Philosophers having completed his diplomat on utilizing objective analysis in chiropractic case management. He is committed to bringing his service internationally, evidenced by his participation in bi-annual chiropractic outreach programs to San Salvador, El Salvador and Mexico City, Mexico in Central America.

Dr. Kramer holds the firm belief that there is always hope for health and healing as well as empowering the community he grew up in to reach their full health potential by maximizing the most important system in your body: the nervous system. In fact, he has dedicated his life’s work to instilling hope in people who have tried everything to resolve their health issues and have ended up just learning to live with it. Through working with organizations such as the Southlake Chamber of Commerce, the Grapevine Chamber of Commerce, the Knights of Columbus, and the Jesuit Alumni Association, Dr. Kramer has laid the foundation for achieving this vision.

Dr. Kramer and his family now reside in Southlake, Texas, as the clinic director of the Specific Chiropractic Centers – Southlake, and works exclusively in helping men and women who have suffered from the long term damage of chronic (adrenal) fatigue, sleep disorder, post concussion syndrome and mental health disorders discover their innate ability to heal.